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Fall and Winter Men's 2011 Outwear Trends

Fall and Winter Men’s 2011 Outwear Trends

I’m loving men’s outwear this season.  To be quite specific, my favorite overall is the bubble jacket or coat.  Also referred to as the puffer, this coat gets a new spin this season with bright colors and extra details.  Also there are versions that are boxier and elongated with less of a fill which changes...
Kenneth Cole Fall 2011 Men's Fall Trend Essentials

Kenneth Cole Fall 2011 Men’s Fall Trend Essentials

Kenneth Cole ‘s fall 2011 line for men is totally in sync with trend and truly focused on making a man look his best.  This remains true no matter what kind of social environment he may be in, work, home, whatever.  Kenneth Cole for years has consistently delivered when it comes to men’s fashion. Here...