We’ve seen the shows and the models trekking down the runways in all of the new fall fashion.  As the leaves begin to change color and we are still looking at our summer wear stockpiled in our closets, we may find that some necessary shopping is in order.  However, shopping for the new season can be overwhelming.  For many of us, especially in recent economic times, we have scaled down immensely on our budgets for shopping.

So the question is; how do we stay on trend without going over our budget? What are the must have cannot-live-without essentials for fall?

Capes and military style jackets and coats

The military style jacket is a classic piece and the tailored look gives chic a new meaning.  From short to long, these outwear pieces look funky, eclectic and fit really well. You’ll find that leather and strongly stated buckles are the hardware featured to really add that extra bold, yet clean finish.  Capes are an excellent option as well for covering up, staying warm, hiding those hard to mask flaws and bringing an English flair to your look.

Lace Dresses and Tops

From Marc Jacobs to Jason Wu, we saw lace all over the runway for fall.  Screaming with elegance and class, lace works on just about any body type.  It has a natural element of stretch for great fit and you can buy lace in many different patterns.  A great lace top works easily with slacks, jeans or skirts.  Lace dresses are stylish and savvy and can be accessorized for an evening look, or muted for professional wear.  Play around with it and find what works for you.

Brightly Colored and Bold Essential Pieces

You’ll find that bright and outspoken colors are huge this season.  But you don’t want to walk around looking like a well dressed piece of fruit.  Pick some essentials, like a blazer or a great fitting  pair of pants and work it out in a very bright color.  Orange, fuchsia, purple, poppy red or even bright green works.  Just remember that you want to use that piece as the eye popping essential.  Tone everything else down and work that color like there’s no tomorrow.  Allow that piece to stand out and work the rest of your outfit around it.

Platform Shoes and Booties

Platforms never seem to go out of style but the stylistics change overall.  We see a lot of booties these days also.  The beauty is now that these two have been married! For those women that can’t walk in a four inch stiletto, you’ll find that the booties of the season include an easier to manage platform or even a full wedge type of height.  Pick a color or stick to plain black and you can interject this shoe into so many pieces in your wardrobe.

There you have it ladies, those are the essentials for your wardrobe this season.  There is no reason to go nuts with your purchases.  Find pieces that work for you and merely work them into your wardrobe.  It’s all about wear ability.  You don’t want to have something this season that you won’t ever be able to wear again so make your purchases worth it.  Work it out and look you’ll look effortlessly fabulous without overdoing it.  Happy fall fashion shopping!