September 16, 2011- Minister Isaiah D. Thomas is back with his second single “Ain’t No Harm,” from his new album I Dare You, to be released in October 2011. The single, is now available wherever you can download music.

“The single is gaining momentum and we are so glad for the radio success to date.
To rise to number 55 on the Radio charts in 2 weeks is wonderful.” Said Minister Thomas. “We will continue to work and hopefully obtain favor.” Thomas continued.

This comes three months after signing a new deal with Bronx Bridge Entertainment and F. Hammond Family Entertainment. Minister Thomas has over 20 years of experience, and has made quite a mark earning a reputable reputation as a songwriter, producer, and vocalist in the gospel industry.

In January of 2007 Thomas received his first Stellar for Song of the Year – “I Will Bless The Lord,” which was recorded by Byron Cage. The following year Thomas and his group – Elements of Praise, won the Stellar Award for Contemporary Choir of The Year.

“Isaiah is showing a lot of people that primarily know him as a producer that his artistry and ministry are top notch.” Said Santiago Cook-Brown, President of Bronx Bridge Entertainment, Inc. “We look forward to his release date next month.”

“Isaiah is a wonderful artist and great songwriter. “ Said Fred Hammond. “He will be doing some concert dates with me leading into 2012 and I look forward to the experience.” said Hammond.

“We really believe in Isaiah and we believe we had a hit on our hands,” said Antonio Murchinson, President of Global Gospel Music “its Isaiah’s time to shine, but to God goes the glory.”

Listen to “Ain’t No Harm.”